Different Types Of Roofers

Different Types Of Roofers

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Roofing contractors offer a wide range of services, many of which are directly tied to the roof’s structural integrity and performance. In most circumstances, you will be able to locate a number of industrial or residential roofers in your area that can offer the precise services that you want.

Roofers are those who put up roof tiles. They are also known as roof carpenters or roofing contractors. There are many types of roofers in Canberra; however, they can be classified into four major groups:


Roofers are generally responsible for nailing shingles, tiles, shakes, and other roofing materials to the roof.

Metal Roofing Contractors

These roofers are in charge of placing metal panels on commercial structures, as well as residences and apartments.

Flat roof Roofers

These roofing experts, often known as ‘Single ply’ roofers, install single-ply or foam roofs.

Best Roofers Canberra are known to employ a variety of roofing styles on a structure; however, many manufacturers only allow certain types of roofers to put the roof on their building.

Another method to classify the best roofers Canberra is by the kind of building they work on. There are two types of roofers: commercial roofers and residential roofers.

Roofing Contractors for Businesses

These roofers are in charge of installing the roofs of commercial and industrial structures. They must have the necessary abilities for the task, and commercial roofers often operate in big professional teams. Commercial roof installation necessitates the use of heavy equipment, exposing roofers to possible dangers. 

Commercial roof installation often needs more time and experience than residential roof installation. Commercial roof installation is regarded as more technical since roofs are often flat or slightly inclined, necessitating more careful and regular maintenance.

Different Types Of Roofers

Roofing Contractors for Homes

Residential roofing contractors are those who put up roofs on individual homes and businesses. Residential roofs are often done by a team of people. Residential roof installation is less sophisticated and technical than commercial roof installation; therefore, it often takes less time.

When looking for roofers, keep the following five criteria in mind:

If a roofer suggests shingling over existing shingles, say no.

A roofing contractor who thinks it’s okay to shingle over existing shingles is not the ideal roofer since doing so demonstrates a roofer’s indifference in performing the job correctly. This is because you can never tell whether the decking underneath the shingles is proper without ripping off the whole roof.

Shingling over existing shingles is never suggested since it adds weight to your roof and may cause problems with the original shingles or below them.

Even if a roofer promises he can do the work cheaply, if you agree to allow their shingle over the existing shingles, don’t fall for it since this is likely to create problems for you in the long run, which will be rather costly on your wallet.

Is it necessary to replace the roof’s plywood decking?

A dependable roofer would want to remove the whole roof down to the decking in order to identify any issues that may be lurking under the shingles. If there are additional issues to solve after the roofer has stripped the roof, the price he stated originally may climb.

After removing the roof, the roofer will determine if it can be re-shingled or, if the damages are minor, whether the roof can simply be repaired. If, on the other hand, the decking has multiple soft patches or is even rotting, the plywood may need to be replaced entirely. 

Replacing the plywood will guarantee that the shingles are firmly fastened down. After all, nailing shingles onto old and fragile wood is likely to result in the roof generating problems within a few months or less.

Determine the cost of the new plywood that is required.

If your roof needs new plywood, be sure to have the roofer offer you a documented estimate. Best roofers Canberra normally include the cost of installation in addition to the cost of the new plywood that has to be installed.

The consumer is always better off negotiating the price ahead of time; otherwise, the roofer has the upper hand. As a result, it is usually better to inquire directly with the roofer about the best price they are ready to provide for new plywood. The more plywood used, the lower the price generally stated.


When acquiring shingles, it is important to understand the brand you are purchasing as well as the guarantee. Always stick to well-known brands as some companies give a warranty for its roofing materials with a guarantee.

The Appropriate Insurance

When choosing the best roofers Canberra, always inquire whether the roofing firm has ‘roofing liability insurance.’ Inquire whether the employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance.

This is important because if the roofers do anything that damages the residential or commercial building or residence, liability insurance will pay the expenses that would otherwise be faced by the owner of the home or company. Similarly, if the employees are not insured, the property owner will be held accountable if an accident happens.

Typically, owners of residential structures or residences do not care whether roofers are protected by both forms of insurance. However, when you are selecting the best roofer Canberra for residential or commercial uses, you should always get documentation that the professionals are truly insured.


Take advantage of the fact that you are now aware of the fundamentals to look for when selecting roofers and get your roof built by the best roofers in Canberra.

At Agile Roofing Canberra, we have years of professional expertise in the field of roofing in the Canberra area. As an added convenience, we provide a free inspection so that you can feel more confident about the next actions to be taken with your roofing system. More information can be found here regarding the roofing services we offer, as well as how our highly qualified best roofers Canberra can get started on your next roofing job.

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