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With over 20 years of experience, our Agile Roofing Canberra team are the Roof Restoration Canberra experts that you can trust for a professional service and a clean finish. We only use the best products by the biggest brands available for our Roof restoration process. The combination of high quality products coupled with our experience and expertise ensures we get a perfect finish first time, every time.

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Professional and Affordable Roof Restoration Canberra Services

The friendly team at Agile Roofing are the leading providers of high quality, professional, and affordable Canberra roof restoration services. Equipped with the best tools and the expertise to match,  we deliver first-class results every single time. We go above and beyond the competition to resolve your roofing problems. We are a full service Canberra roofing company so your roof will only be serviced by the best roofing contractors Canberra wide. 

All roofs wear with time. The weather in Canberra and Queanbeyan fluctuates from sub zero winter temperatures to scorching summer heat. This has damaging effects on the roofing systems of all homes in the city. Fortunately, our reliable roof restoration Canberra service can reinvigorate your old roof and have it looking new in no time.

Our modern roof restoration Canberra service is an ideal choice for homeowners that don’t  have the budget or need for a full roof replacement. We only focus on repairing the crucial elements of the roof that are damaged. 

Regardless of the state of your roof, Agile Roofing Canberra can provide you with a cost-effective solution for every problem with your roof. Contact us today and we will carry out a detailed inspection and provide sincere expert advice on the best steps to take to protect and maintain one of the greatest assets you have.

10 Signs that you need A Roof Restoration Canberra Service

If you see any dark spots or marks on your ceiling, or in your roof cavity, this is a sure indication of water ingress. Your roof has been compromised and water is seeping through into your internal ceiling.

Trails of sunlight into your attic are also a sure sign that your roof is not properly sealed. If light can penetrate through your roof, so can water. A roof restoration Canberra service is sure to resolve such penetrations.

Any sagging in your roof is an alarm bell that should not be ignored. Neglecting it will result in major damage that may extend beyond your roof. The longer it is ignored, the more costly it becomes to resolve.

Roof tiles tend to chip, crack and break due to general wear and tear that comes with being exposed to the elements for extended periods of time. You may also notice fading of colour or build-up of residual material on the surface of tiles.

All of these indicators point to your roof structure being potentially compromised but they can easily be resolved with our thorough roof restoration Canberra service.

If you spot any mould or rot on the inside of your roof, contact us immediately. Aside from being unsightly, they are a major health hazard for you and your family. Mould is also a sure sign of excessive water being trapped in your ceiling for extended periods of time. Lichen and moss growing on your roof indicates build up which is likely to trap water and cause it to seep through the roof.

Metal roofs have various elements such as screws, flashings, and sheets. Time and exposure to the harsh Canberra weather causes these components to rust. Early intervention will ensure that a roof restoration Canberra service will prevent your roof from being damaged beyond repair.

Various sealants such as roof grade UV protective silicone are used to fill spaces neat joins on your roof. They are also used as adhesives for attaching flashings and other components onto your roof.

These sealants wear out over time and are one of the primary causes of water penetrating through the roof.

Gutters and downpipes that aren’t regularly maintained will generally be full of dirt and debris. This added weight will cause the gutters to sag and your downpipes to become clogged.

If a major storm of any sort has passed through Canberra, it’s best you contact us for a Roof Assessment. Strong winds and hail storms can wreak havoc on roofing systems and should not be ignored. We will carry out a make-safe procedure prior to the comprehensive resolution.

If you notice a leak from any skylight, chimney, exhaust, flue pipe, or air conditioning unit, chances are the flashing for that specific component has become damaged or worn. Such leaks are also common at the edges of the house as well as underneath the gables or storey level changes. We will replace any such flashings as part of our roof restoration Canberra service.

Whether you have a metal roof or a tile roof, the paint will fade with time. Fading in paint indicates that the roof has not had any major service for an extended period of time and is now due for our roof restoration Canberra service.

How Much Does a Roof Restoration in Canberra Cost?

The Price of a full roof restoration Canberra service will vary based on the individual requirements of your roof. Our rate is based on the amount of repairs and remediation work required prior to the painting. Other determining factors can include the number of storeys, the pitch, the age, the cleanliness, and the condition of the roof

Prices tend to start from around $2,700 for small houses and can go through to $13,000 for the larger jobs. The best approach to determining the cost of our roof restoration Canberra service is to have one of our roofing experts attend your property for an assessment. We will provide a precise quote based on the measurements and the requirements of your roof.

if you want your roof serviced by the best Canberra Roofing Company.

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What Does Our Roof Restoration Canberra Service Involve?

Our process for achieving the best roof restoration Canberra wide involves a few steps above the competition. We understand roofs enough to know that every roof will have varying unique aspects which will lead us to take a tailored approach.

Our team take the time to ensure we aren’t just painting over your roofing problems. We ensure you understand the exact state of your roof and have an opportunity to act accordingly. 

Not all roofs will incur the exact same process or same cost but some of the most common steps involved in our Roof Restoration Canberra service are as follows:

Initial Assessment

We ensure your roof is structurally sound by checking the beams, rafters, trusses, and battens. Then we check every element of your roof and devise a plan. You then get a free quote for our roof restoration Canberra service based on the unique requirements of your roof.

Tile or Sheet Replacement

Wear and tear can cause your terracotta or concrete roof tiles to chip, crack or break. These need to be repaired or replaced prior to the roofing membrane being applied. For metal roofs, any sheets that have rust, dents, or damage need to be replaced to gain maximum benefit out of the roof restoration Canberra service.

Roof Rebedding & Repointing

One of the most common repairs involved in a tile roof restoration in Canberra is roof rebedding and repointing. The ridge caps are held in place by concrete mortar known as roof bedding. A flexible pointing material is applied over the bedding to provide a waterproof seal and protection against debris and the elements.

If roof rebedding and repointing is required, then it must be done prior to the roof restoration Canberra service.

Roof Flashing Replacement

Exhaust Flue pipes, whirlybirds, and skylights on the roof generally have custom flashings that crack and become worn out over time. Replacing any damaged flashings will ensure you maximise the longevity of your roof restoration in Canberra.

Gutter & Downpipe Replacement

If you decide to include your fascia, gutters, and downpipes in the work being done, then we will assess whether they need repair or replacement. This is to ensure that they are all functioning as required prior to the seal and paint step of our roof restoration Canberra service.

High-Pressure Water Clean

A high-pressure water clean ensures we remove dirt, lichen, moss, and any other material build-up on your roof. This process provides a deep clean and prepares the roof surface for the roofing membrane used in our roof restoration Canberra service.

Roof Sealing Membrane and Painting

Using Dulux Acratex Roofing membrane, we paint then seal your roof. This industry leading product has anti-fungicide components and is highly resistant to the UV rays of the sun. You will have the opportunity to choose any colour from the Dulux range of colours. Your roof  will return to its former glory in function and look more modern than it ever did and completes our roof restoration canberra service.

What Are The Benefits of OUR Roof Restoration Canberra Service?

Restore full functionality of your roof

A full roof restoration Canberra service will revert your roof to full functionality like the day it was initially installed. Your roof will go from being worn, damaged, and neglected to being sealed, waterproof, and protected against the elements.

The lifespan of your roof will also be significantly extended due to the roof restoration process. As a result you will need to carry out less spot maintenance which will save you money in the long term. 

Increase your home value

Whether you are intending to sell your house or occupy it for the long term, our professional roof restoration Canberra service will be sure to increase the value of your home.

Once completed, the aesthetics and functionality of your roof will increase significantly resulting in a better home valuation. The residents and future owners will have peace of mind that the roofing structure of the home is safe and sound. No further expense would be required to enjoy the beauty and the protection that the roof restoration Canberra service provides for years to come.

Better energy efficiency for your home

The bills for heating and cooling a house in Canberra can already cost a lot. A poorly maintained roof is likely to increase this cost due to water and wind penetration. Roof leaking will compromise the insulation and drafts of wind will contribute to temperature fluctuation within your home.

Our Roof restoration Canberra service will properly seal your roof and can assist in lowering your energy consumption bills and raising the energy efficiency rating of your home.

Outstanding Results & Customer Service

With 20 years of experience, we are equipped to provide the best roof restoration Canberra residents can hope for. Through our hard work, and dedication to customer satisfaction, we have earned a reputation of trust and quality. When you choose our roof restoration Canberra service, you can be confident that we will treat your home like our own and apply the highest standards to our work.

We use the best quality products from the biggest brands and equip our trained professionals with the best equipment to ensure a premium finish when it comes to our roof restoration Canberra service.

From the initial assessment to the post completion clean-up, we ensure comprehensive communication with our clients and address any queries or concerns you may have along the journey. The quality of our workmanship is core to our service and customer service is paramount. This allows us to maintain our reputation as the leading Roof Restoration Canberra specialists.

So if you’re tired of long service wait times, or tradesmen not showing up despite promises, call our responsive team today and experience how a Roof Restoration Canberra service should be delivered.

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