How to Keep Your Commercial Roof Cool During the Summer

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The sweltering heat of the summer can have an adverse effect on your business roofing system, which can make it difficult for the owner of the property to determine what steps to take to fix the issue. The majority of property owners, if not all of them, believe that turning up the air conditioning will solve the issue of excessive heat. However, the issue lies with the roof, and in order to get it fixed, a business flat roof repair will be required. When an issue cannot be fixed, having commercial flat roof replacement services supply a replacement for a commercial flat roof is the best course of action to take.

During the months of summer, when the sun shines on a roof, the roof will collect heat and then radiate back into the building. If you want to keep the environment under control, the only way to do it successfully if your roof is in bad condition is to have it replaced with a commercial roof.

We at Agile Roofing are providing building owners with some suggestions to help them understand how the roofs of their buildings act as heat magnets and what can be done to limit the amount of heat radiation that enters their buildings.

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  • When considering how much heat enters the building, the colour of the roof has a significant influence. Roofs with dark colours tend to be better at absorbing heat than roofs with lighter colours, which are better at reflecting heat. This truth has been demonstrated by a great number of investigations.
  • The temperature inside of your building can be affected either positively or negatively by the presence or absence of insulation. When there is sufficient insulation on the roof of a building, that insulation can serve as a barrier to limit the loss of heat during the summer months.
  • When assessing the level of heat buildup inside your home during the summer, the angle at which the roof is pitched is another issue to consider. 

A roofing contractor will be able to provide you with ideas that will assist in lowering the amount of heat from the roof to the interior of the building. There are certain proposals that are just plain obvious. During the maintenance or repair phase of your roof’s maintenance schedule, a roofing contractor and a committed staff will supply you with a number of useful applications, some of which are practical in nature.

Commercial Roof Cool
How to Keep Your Commercial Roof Cool During the Summer

How to Reduce Roof Heating

  • It is a common practice to apply reflective roof coatings to the roof of a building, provided that the roof is already protected by a metal sheath or a rubber compound. UV rays are deflected by coatings, and the thermal remittance property of the coating serves to deflect the UV rays that are absorbed by the building. Reducing the amount of heat exchange has a positive impact on the bottom line since it brings down the cooling costs that are related to the internal temperatures of the building. It is in your best interest to have the coatings applied by a trained specialist.
  • The installation of roof ventilation serves three goals, none of which are typically taken into consideration by the owners of buildings. When unregulated, condensation, also known as water vapor, can cause damage to insulation. Vents allow warm air to escape from within the roofing system, so minimize the amount of humidity that builds up within the roofing structure. Your workforce absolutely needs the air quality to be improved. Vents ensure that fresh air is always circulating, which is especially important during the summer months when the muggy heat can make it difficult to breathe. When subjected to the daily assault of UV radiation, a metal roof will swell and shrink. When you have a properly functioning venting system built for your roofing system, you can prevent mental fatigue from occurring.
  • There are a number of obvious signals that work needs to be done on the roof, including holes, punctures, evidence of age, and damage. If you neglect to inspect your roof on a regular basis, you will notice a significant increase in your monthly energy expenditures. The finest solution that money can buy is a new roof made of materials that are efficient in terms of energy use in the event that the old roof is completely ruined. Roof restoration has promise if there is still some value in the roof after it has been repaired. Your structure and the temperature inside can both benefit greatly from having damaged parts repaired and having a reflective coating applied.
  • Insulating your roof with spray foam will provide a solution to all three of the issues that you are now dealing with. Your building will have a more solid foundation as a result of this. Windstorms are capable of inflicting significant damage on the structural integrity of a building, and the foam re-enforcement contributes to the building’s overall strength. The strengthened structural integrity serves as a buffer against any additional issues that may surface. 
  • Bringing in plants to shade the structure will reduce the amount of money spent on cooling it. The roof receives shade from two or three trees located at a distance that is considered to be suitable for the structure. That lessens the impact of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, which in turn helps to maintain your building at a more comfortable temperature. Keep an eye on how quickly the trees are expanding; if their branches are beginning to hang over your home’s roof, you may experience issues with falling debris.
 Commercial Roof Cool
How to Keep Your Commercial Roof Cool During the Summer


  • Built-up roofing systems have been around since the beginning of the roofing industry. Tar and gravel systems can be found in a great number of buildings and can be described as follows: The interior temperatures of the building can be lowered by implementing a refit for the roof that includes a white, UV-resistant, mineral fibreglass topside.
  • Coatings for roofs are the product of a chemical reaction between two components that combine, expand, and then attach to the surface of the roof. When the mixture is utilised with the reflective coating embedded inside it, the end result is a roof that is able to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • The solution to this problem is as easy as installing a metal roof. Before the paint is even dry, the temperature of a structure can be lowered by applying a coat of reflective paint to the surface.
  • The roofing system that uses modified bitumen is constructed with multiple layers that are either plastic or rubber. By applying a reflecting coating to the final layer that is exposed to the sun, it is possible to limit the amount of heat radiation that enters the building, so producing a more comfortable climate.
  • Modifications are made to roofing systems that consist of shingles, slate, or tiles in order to prevent ultraviolet radiation from entering the structure. Shingles are given a treatment that contains reflecting granules to block the effects of radiation. A reflective coating that has been pre-applied to tile and slate roofing systems is the most effective technique to reduce the amount of heat that escapes into the inside of the building.
  • A prefabricated roofing system known as a single-ply roofing system consists of a single huge sheet that is rolled out and then attached to the roof with the help of fasteners. The solution to this problem is UV-resistant and reflective coatings, but in order to get these, a customer must place their order at the time they buy this roofing system.

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