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We are the roof painting experts that you can trust for a professional service and a clean finish. We only use Dulux Acra-Tex Roofing Membrane for our roof painting Canberra service . The combination of high quality products coupled with our experience and expertise ensures we get a clean finish every time.

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Professional and Affordable Roof Painting Canberra Services

Our friendly team are the leading providers of high quality, professional, and affordable Canberra roof painting services. We have the best tools and the expertise to match.

Roof painting is an ideal choice for homeowners that don’t  have the budget or need for a full roof replacement. 

Regardless of the state of your roof, Agile Roofing Canberra can provide you with a cost-effective solution for every problem with your roof. Contact us today and we will carry out a detailed inspection and provide sincere expert advice.

How Much Does Roof Painting in Canberra Cost?

The Price of our painting service will vary based on the individual requirements of your roof.  Other determining factors can include the number of storeys, the pitch, the age, the cleanliness, and the condition of the roof

Prices tend to start from around $22 per square meter through to $29 per square meter. A small house may cost as little as $2200 while large multi storey dwellings can cost up around the  $9,000 mark. The best approach to determining the cost of our roof painting Canberra service is to contact our team. We will have one of our roofing experts attend your property for a free measure and quote. 

What Are The Benefits of OUR Roof Painting Canberra Service?

Roof Painting seals your home

Our roof painting Canberra service will take your roof frombeing worn, damaged, and neglected to being sealed, waterproof, and protected against the elements.

The lifespan of your roof will also be significantly extended. 

Beauty and Better Home Value

Our roof painting Canberra service presents an opportunity to freshen your roof with a new colour. The improvement in aesthetics and functionality results in the increase of the value of your home.

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If you are after a company that values customer service, quality, and professionalism then look no further. Our business is owned and operated by a local family right here in Canberra.

We employ expert roof painters and never outsource our work to third-party vendors. This means we can control the quality of our results and honour warranties for our services.

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