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How does a 30 year warranty on a roof replacement Canberra service sound? Our local team are specialists in providing high quality, professional, and affordable re-roof Canberra service. It doesn’t matter whether your existing roof is tile or metal. We have the experience and expertise to replace it with a new colorbond or zincalume metal roof.

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Why Choose Our Re-Roof Canberra Service?

Tile to Metal Roof Replacement Canberra

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Professional and Affordable Roof Replacement Canberra Service

A re-roof Canberra service transforms your existing home and increases it’s property value. It is also a comprehensive solution to all roofing problems. 

As houses age in Canberra and Queanbeyan, their roof maintenance cycle increases. You may be tempted to keep carrying out patch repairs. But a roof replacement Canberra service may become the most viable and economical option for the long run.

Contact us and our team of trained professionals will book a visit to carry out a roof assessment. We only recommend our roof replacement Canberra service when no other solution will suffice. You can take comfort in knowing you will be working with a team that has a history of excellent customer service and impeccable finishes. 

How Much Does a Roof ReplacemenT in Canberra Cost?

How much does a roof replacement in Canberra cost? The answer is that it depends. Canberra Roof replacement is a very complex process. Contributing factors for the price difference can be age, size, and pitch of the roof. Other factors to consider will be  structural integrity, existing roof profile and material, and number of storeys amongst other aspects.

Double storey houses require scaffolding and roof safety rails. Fascia, gutter, and downpipe replacements also impact the price significantly. The best approach to determining the price of our roof replacement Canberra service is to contact us. We will arrange a full roof inspection and walk you through the unique aspects of your roof. We will provide you with the varying options for selection and provide a quote accordingly.

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Tile to Metal Re-Roof Canberra

What Does Our ReRoof Canberra Service Involve?

Our Roof Replacement Canberra service is a technical and complex process that can only be undertaken by our trained roofing specialists. One misstep can see the roofer fall through exposed cavities or put dents in your colorbond roofing sheets.

We also need to devise a plan that ensures that no portion of the roof is completely exposed to the elements during the roof replacement process. Our approach is to divide the roof into subsections and re-roof one portion at a time. The Roof Replacement Canberra service we provide typically involves the following steps:

Roof Replacement Assessment

Confirming structural integrity of the roof is our primary goal during inspection. The trusses, rafters, support beams and roof battens are all inspected. We determine the best access strategy. We take you through our plan for carrying out the roof replacement Canberra service.

Remove existing roof

We select a portion and start to dismantle the existing roof regardless of whether it’s tile or metal. Our team pays special attention while disposing of the existing materials. This ensures no hazardous scenario unfolds in the process.

Fascia and Gutters Replacement

First we remove the existing fascia and gutters and install the new ones. They set the foundation for the remainder of the roof. If they are aligned and straight, the remainder of the roof will be straight.

Install Metal Battens

The metal battens are secured to the roof frame and rafters. We place them in specific intervals to ensure your roof doesn’t have any unsupported sections. This strengthens the foundation of your roof replacement.

Lay Anticon Insulation Blankets

If you decide to include your fascia, gutters, and downpipes in the work being done, then we will assess whether they need repair or replacement. This is to ensure that they are all functioning as required prior to the seal and paint step of our roof restoration Canberra service.

Install Metal Roof Sheets

Metal sheets are installed in specific sequences. Each sheet is manually weathered. We measure each sheet to perfect alignment on both ends. This results in a straight even roof line.

Install Roof Flashings and Ridge Caps

The final step is to install all flashings, ridge caps, barge cappings, and brick caps. Weatherproof materials are also applied in specific joins and penetrations. This seals up the roof and completes the roof replacement Canberra service.

What Are The Benefits of A Roof Replacement Canberra Service?

Fully Functional Roof

A roof replacement Canberra service will restart the clock on your roof.

Every single issue or problem you would’ve experienced with your previous roof will be resolved. Your roof will be waterproof, sealed, and protected. You will also have peace of mind with our leak proof guarantee. was initially installed. 

Home value increase

A roof replacement Canberra service is a fantastic investment for your home. Not only will your home look reinvigorated, but it will also increase in value. 

Once completed, The occupants will have full confidence that the roofing structure of the home is safe and sound. No further roofing expense would be required for decades except general roof maintenance.

Outstanding Results & Customer Service

Backed by a 30 year warranty, our metal roof replacement Canberra service is exceptional. We have the extensive experience and specialist tools required for re-roof Canberra services. 

We are industry leaders because we focus on quality roofing installations. The dedication from our team will ensure maximum customer satisfaction. We keep you engaged throughout your roof replacement journey.

Ready to return your roof to its former glory? Contact our friendly team and we will schedule a no-obligation roof replacement Canberra service quote.

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